Take a look at some of the features that set the Sabre Tooth Tiger and Turf Tiger main frame apart from the rest.
Double tube steel, fully welded main frame assembly

Ultra strong wheel motor mounts welded into the frame with additional structural support

Solid piece center section houses the 10 gallon fuel tank. Fuel tank mounted low, in the center of the mower adds to the low center-of-gravity. Fuel tanks mounted above the drive tires raise the center-of-gravity and lessen hillside stability. No mechanicals under the seat.

Additional structural support at the front caster extension mounting points. Front caster extensions are replaceable in the event of impact or other damage.

Rear engine powerhead mounting allows for a variety of different engine configurations to be used as well as accommodating engine cooling systems. Engine cooling systems are installed as the original engine manufacturer intended them, in front of the engine for optimum cooling.