Velocity Plus Cutter deck
Who has the best performing cutter deck? Cut through the hype and see for yourself!

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Many mower companies claim to have the best cutting deck. We are so confident that the Scag Velocity Plus deck is indeed the best performing cutter deck on the market today, we are offering a free, no obligation, one day demonstration program to you.* We encourage you to cut through the hype. Take the Challenge and see for yourself, how well the Velocity Plus deck performs.

*Offer only available through participating Scag Dealers.
Velocity Plus Cutter deck
The blue arrows show how the Turbo Baffle and discharge blade fan the grass outward for even dispersal.
The green arrows illustrate the unrestricted discharge route which allows clippings to disperse farther and wider.
Velocity Plus Challenge

Don't Believe the Hype? Demo It & See For Yourself.

Take the Challenge!

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Velocity Plus Challenge Logo When browsing the Scag Dealer Locator results, look for the Velocity Plus One-Day Challenge logo to identify Scag dealers who are participating in this program. Or fill out the demo request form and your local participating Scag dealer will contact you to schedule the demo.

When your demo is complete, you'll be asked to complete a simple, one page survey about the demo (how the deck performed, what you liked or didn't like about the mower, cut quality, etc) and that's it!

*The Velocity Plus One-Day Challenge Program is available only through participating Scag Dealers. Program is subject to dealer participation. Program may be changed or may end at any time without notice or obligation.

Real-world results from the pros: Landscape professionals constantly tell us about the truly amazing results in time-savings and cut quality obtained by the Velocity Plus Deck. Recently we allowed the owner of a very large lawn maintenance company to use a Scag Turf Tiger with a Velocity Plus Deck in his fleet.

This is what the landscape professional said:
“I would never have believed a mower could “out cut” the mowers in my fleet – I was convinced I had the best. But with the Scag, we found we could eliminate double cutting and cut faster. In fact, the lawns were so well groomed it looked as though we used a striper.  Moreover, there was no clumping even after cutting in the morning dew. And, there was no grass accumulation under the deck.”

When asked what this meant to him financially he said:
“I can cut more lawns per day, have great looking lawns and overall it comes down to less time on the lawn – and less time means additional profit each day.”

Commenting on Scag he said:
“I always knew Scag was built better than the other mowers in the market; but, there was a time when the cut was not as good as the mowers I was using.  Now, I get the best of both worlds - the durability of a Scag and the highest quality of cut.”

When asked how much more productivity the Velocity Plus Deck provided he said:
“Considering the speed I can cut at, very little if any clumping, no double cutting when cutting in dewy conditions, and beautifully groomed lawns – 10% would be conservative.”

How can the Velocity Plus cutter deck increase profits?

- Virtually eliminate double-cutting - reduced labor, reduced machine wear, reduced fuel consumption, more time to mow other properties, improved lawn appearance

- Cut faster - The Velocity Plus deck gives you the potential to cut faster and do more work in a day. The unrestricted discharge design of the deck allows grass to be expelled immediately and at maximum velocity.

- Ability to cut and discharge wet grass with ease - start earlier in the day, no clumping means improved lawn appearance and no double cutting.

- Beautiful cut quality - The lawn you leave behind is a reflection on your business and the services it delivers. The Velocity Plus deck makes sure it looks its best.

We have a chart to show you what 5 - 20% more productivity could mean to your profits. It is amazing!
It is rare to combine speed with beautiful results; but, Scag has done it with the Velocity Plus Deck.

Productivity Charts**

The following charts are based on:
  • $50 Billable Rate Per Hour
  • 5 Days per week
  • 20 Days per month
  • 6.5 Months per year (May - mid-November)
  • 130 Days per year

Revenue Examples

Billable Hours
per Day
Billable Minutes
per Day
per Day
per Year
6.0 360 $300 $39,000
6.5 390 $325 $42,250
7.0 420 $350 $45,500
7.5 450 $375 $48,750
8.0 480 $400 $52,000

Increased Productivity Gives Additional Time to Do, and Charge for More Work, in the Same Day.

5% More Productivity Gives
You Additional:
  10% More Productivity Gives You Additional:   15% More Productivity Gives You Additional:   20% More Productivity Gives You Additional:
Minutes Per Day Revenue Per Day Revenue Per Year   Minutes Per Day Revenue Per Day Revenue Per Year   Minutes Per Day Revenue Per Day Revenue Per Year   Minutes Per Day Revenue Per Day Revenue Per Year
18 $15 $1,950   36 $30 $3,900   54 $45 $5,850   72 $60 $7,800
20 $16 $2,113   39 $33 $4,225   59 $49 $6,338   78 $65 $8,450
21 $18 $2,275   42 $35 $4,550   63 $53 $6,825   84 $70 $9,100
23 $19 $2,438   45 $38 $4,875   68 $56 $7,313   90 $75 $9,750
24 $20 $2,600   48 $40 $5,200   72 $60 $7,800   96 $80 $10,400

**Productivity and revenue numbers are presented for illustrative purposes only, and are subject to individual operating areas, cutting season, terrain, types of grass, etc. Results may vary.