Commercial Turf Engine

Commercial Turf Series Engines

The Ultimate Workhorse for Harsh, Demanding Conditions

The Scag Tiger Cat and Freedom Z Pro feature the productive and reliable Commercial Turf Series engines. All Commercial Turf engines are equipped with a patented 5-step Integrated Cyclonic Air Management System to provide ultimate dust and debris protection for extended engine life.

Briggs & Stratton engines have earned a reputation for quality and dependability. This commercial-grade engine is no exception. This engine is built to lead a long and productive life. Visit your Scag dealer to see the impressive Commercial Turf Series powered mower options today.

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Commercial Turf Series Engine

Cyclonic Debris Management. Dura-Bore™ Cast Iron Sleeves. Dynamically Balanced Crankshaft. Overhead (OHV) Valve. Tool-less Air Cleaner Cover.



Step 1: Static guard keeps large debris from entering and fan chops any pieces that get through.



Step 2: Fan forces chopped particles down away from the engine through a deflector.



Step 3: Baffles and chute help prevent debris from reaching the air cleaner housing.



Step 4: Cyclonic action spins debris away from the air cleaner and out a duckbill valve.



Step 5: Long-lasting, cyclonic air cleaner filter removes any remaining particles.

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Model Description
Displacement: 810 cc
Number of Cylinders: 2
Bore: 3.3
Stroke: 2.89
Oil Capacity: 67 ounces (2 quarts)

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