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Scag Customer Comments
What do actual Scag owners have to say about their Scag mower?

Scag Power Equipment randomly surveys new customers shortly after the time of purchase, and again after one-year of ownership.

Scag Mowers - Robotic WeldingIn fact, the vast majority of product improvements we implement every year are a direct result of the input we receive from our customers via our customer survey program. We have been surveying out customers this since 2003 and the feedback is priceless. It enables us to better understand our customers needs, wants, likes, dislikes, and ultimately strengthens our focus on continual improvement. This is just one of the many reasons why Scag is "Simply the Best".

Below, you will find actual quotes taken from Scag Customer Satisfaction Surveys, as well as from letters and e-mails we receive everyday from Scag customers. This is only a small sample of the great comments we receive about Scag mowers. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we do!

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(Please Note: We have removed the names of our customers to protect their privacy).

Also, be sure to check out the Show Your Stripes web page for some lawn striping pictures submitted by our customers.

  • “The Cheetah is an outstanding piece of equipment and always gets the job done.  You have a customer for life.” - Scag Customer in Green Cove Springs, FL
  • “The Scag mower does a very good job and that is what I am looking for.  It is very easy to keep clean and grease and check oil.  It is the best out there… Thank you.” - Scag Customer in Mineral, VA
  • “Scag is the only mower that I have every used since I started my business over 20 years ago.  The Scag Turf Tiger is the best piece of lawn equipment made, period.” - Scag Customer in Tallahassee, FL
  • “I looked at nine other mowers before I decided on the Scag Tiger Cat. The field whittled away rather quickly as I looked at replacements for my [other brand], which is an OK entry lever 48” deck ZT mower…  The overall quality and design of this Scag Tiger Cat mower was top of the class and ran away with the prize… my money.  Every dollar had a place and purpose over the next best choice.  Do I need a mower this good?  Probably not, but I’m HAPPY to say this as it will last and last.  I’d rather drive this mower than buy two cheaper mowers over the same time frame.” - Scag Customer in Oxford, OH
  • “I'm so glad [a friend] recommended Scag. I've always used [other brand] for my commercial mowing. It was the right move to Scag; easier maintenance, more grease zerks…  Should last a long time. Thanks.” - Scag Customer in Fort Wayne, IN
  • Maybe I shouldn’t make this kind of announcement on Facebook, but here it goes…  I have a new love in my life and her name is Freeda!  She is awesome and I cannot believe I waited this long in life to have her!  Freeda allows me to do things I have never done before, and we seem to be a match made in heaven.  Also, Melissa (wife) knows all about her and has given her blessing to our relationship!  I love you, Freeda!  (Freeda = Scag Freedom Z mower)” - Scag Customer in Bloomfield, IN
  • “I purchased a Freedom Z 52-inch, Kawasaki powered zero-turn 2 years ago. I live on 5 acres in north-central Florida. I have 2 horses, and my property is cross-fenced so I have both pasture & a large yard to cut. I need to praise & thank the owners, management, & all the workers for making the best & most outstanding piece of lawn equipment I have ever owned or operated. Tough & rugged, yet rides like a dream. I pray for rain so I can mow grass!! So glad I purchased it. My life is better since I bought a SCAG!! Thank you.” - Scag Customer in Fort White, FL
  • This is my second Scag mower, and I have been very satisfied with both. My first was a 52" Tiger Cub. I owned this mower for 8 yrs and never once had any issues with it. The only reason I sold it was to get a mower with a better ride. That's why I purchased a Cheetah and am very happy with it.” - Scag Customer in Alexandria, KY
  • “I have the Cheetah 48.  The isolating of the seat makes the mower very comfortable for me since I have had back surgery. That alone sold me on the mower.  Great idea guys, no wonder your the best. Thanks.” - Scag Customer in Park Hills, MO
  • “I guessed it had to be good - just about every lawn service has at least one Scag in its fleet!!!  Thanks.” - Scag Customer in Louisville, KY
  • “Best money I ever spent.” - Scag Customer in La Vernia, TX
  • “Great mower. Scag is my bff.” - Scag Customer in Benton, MS
  • As a Scag owner I love the fact that this unit is made in America and no other mower, to me, has better quality.  I want you to tell all the employees at your plant that I as a customer appreciate their hard work and detail to quality.  I will always buy Scag in the future.  I love my Tiger Cat.  It’s the very best quality lawn equipment made.” - Scag Customer in North Point, FL
  • Love this mower.  Scag is all I will ever buy.  I own 2 now, have owned a Scag for the past 12 years.” - Scag Customer in French Settlement, LA
  • “Scag turf tiger is the best mower I have ever used.  I will never buy another type of mower.” - Scag Customer in Taneytown, MD
  • “My only negative is I never get to use it!!  My daughters started to mow and they always have it finished when I get home from work!” - Scag Customer in Caledonia, MI
  • “In the past it would take 7 to 7 ½ hrs to cut 4 acres.  Now it takes only 3 ½ hrs.  My wife loves this mower (Freedom Z).  I can’t keep her off of it.  She took my other key and will not give it back.” - Scag Owner in Dayton, TX
  • “Great quality, great value and honest advertising.  This mower cut my time in less than half.  It used to take 4-1/2 hours to cut my 2.3 acres, now it’s just under 2 hours.  Superior cut, excellent maneuverability.  I’m sure all my neighbors will be purchasing one after they drive mine.  Just hope they give it back, ha.” - Scag Owner in Oconomowoc, WI
  • “The week we purchased our mower, neighboring farmers came over to see and ride ours.  They bought one of their own the next week.  We mulch by blowing the grass around our orchard trees and we have seen much improvement!” - Scag Owner in Hakalau, HI
  • “After using this mower for a year you couldn't give me 10 of another brand.  I have recommended it many times over to my friends.  Thanks for a great product.  I'm 76 years old and it's the best I've owned!” - Scag Owner in Johnson City, TN
  • “I love my Scag!  It’s a great workhorse & gets my mowing done super fast!” - Scag Owner in Leonardtown, MD
  • “This is my second Scag 48" walk behind.  I will never buy another mower but Scag.  It really makes my job easier.  Great job to everyone who put this mower together!” - Scag Owner in North Haven, CT
  • “I let a friend try out the mower and he went and ordered one, his only problem is he needs more grass to cut. My wife cuts our grass and she loves her Scag Tiger Cub.  It is one great machine.” - Scag Owner in Port Orange, FL
  • “I have 340 accounts and Scag cuts them all.  I've been in business for 15 years and I’ve only owned Scag, nothing else.  Scag is the best.” - Scag Owner in Palm Coast, FL
  • “I bought six Scag mowers over the last 5 years and they are hands down the most productive and maintenance free machines on the market today.” - Scag Owner in Stratford, CT
  • “The controls are like that of a fighter jet, very quick, no lag time.  On long straight runs, I sometimes use just one hand, it is just that easy to control.  It is one fast mower!  People are amazed as to how well the Velocity Plus deck cuts tall grass and tall tough weeds.  It is just amazing how the wide chute disperses grass clippings.  It mulches leaves to the point that my yard looks like it was raked!  Like I tell people:  'Dollar for dollar, you cannot beat a Scag.'  Scags cost the same or less than more expensive mowers and are better made.  They are the best made mowers, period!” - Scag Owner in Clinton, LA
  • “Wife took mower from me.  She says it doesn’t hurt her hands to steer mower; it’s comfortable and fun.  When can I expect to get my yard back?  She’s stealing my thunder.” - Scag Owner in Gloster, LA
  • “Great mower - highly recommended to my friends.  I look forward to several years of fun mowing. Thanks!” - Scag Owner in Buckner, MO
  • “Just wanted to say thanks for a great product.  Before purchasing my Scag Tiger Cub with the Briggs 24hp motor and 48" deck, I did extensive research and all the positive points kept pointing at a Scag.  I do not cut grass commercially nor do I plan to, but the Scag was the best bang for my buck.  My dealer did a great job both on the sale and delivery of my Scag.  Upon delivery I could not keep my friends away as everyone had to come by and check out my Scag.  Pretty cool.  It is finally a pleasure to mow my yard and I can't get the grass to grow fast enough so I can mow again.  Thanks again for a great product as I look forward to many years of use from my Scag.”Scag Owner in Richmond, KY
  • “(Husband) is smitten with mower.  How can I get him off mower for lunch?” - Scag Owner in Griffin, GA
  • “We use our Scag mower to mow our yard, my brother’s yard and my parent’s yard.  It takes about 4 hrs to do this where it use to take us around 8 plus hours. This mower has proven to be the best we have ever purchased.” - Scag Owner in Richmond, VA
  • "The only thing better than a Scag is two Scag mowers!  Thanks for putting my Scag together  :-)  Very happy with my Scag Tiger Cub and 36" walk-behind.  Thanks." - Scag Owner in Monrovia, MD
  • "I have just gone up a huge step in lawn care, since I bought this Scag lawn mower.  The durability, the low maintenance (I would know since I am a forklift maintenance person) the fastness and smooth cutting.  There is no doubt in my mind, I will be buying another Scag in the future." - Scag Owner in Greenfield, IN
  • "I am totally pleased with my mower.  The mower is 14 mo. old and has approx. 550 hrs on it.  I have kin folks and friends (6 or 7) who have bought Scags after they saw my mower work.  One cousin, who lives in California, saw my mower work and bought one for his vineyard."  - Scag Owner in Thorsby, AL
  • “Scag mowers are money makers because we have less breakdowns and our mowing time has been cut in half. Our mechanic says it is the most rugged and durable machine he has ever worked on. Our employees love them and say they make mowing fun – like being on an amusement park ride. We only have one problem now, nobody wants to get off and weed eat.” - Scag Owner in Smithville, MO
  • “Time is the most valuable resource we have, and now thanks to my new Scag Wildcat, I will have more of it. Thank you so much for making such an incredible product.” - Scag Owner in Bunker Hill, IL
  • “Our company owns 37 Scag mowers. We obviously like your product.” - Scag Owner in Maple Heights, OH
  • “I have been in business for 10 years. I am a Scag man! I have an [other brand] dealer 1/4 mile from my house, and I drive 20 miles to buy a Scag. I believe they are a better mower. I have run them for 10 years and have had very little trouble. This is the 6th Scag I have owned. Thanks for the great product!” - Scag Owner in Amory, MS
  • “This mower is unlike anything I have ever used. It makes my yard work fun and I cut it in 1/3 the time. Thanks.” - Scag Owner in Belmont, NC
  • “I purchased a Scag Tiger Zero-Turn for [employer] 4 years ago and that's why I purchase this one for my house. Excellent machine.” - Scag Owner in Rockland, MA
  • “Awesome mower. I wish I had bought one twenty years ago instead of going through other low quality mowers.” - Scag Owner in Hilmar, CA
  • “Nothing in the owner's manual stating how to get my son off it so I can have a chance to mow! He now loves mowing.” - Scag Owner in Verbank, NY
  • “Thanks for making a great mower. I get to spend two extra hours a week with my family due to the time my Scag saves me!” - Scag Owner in Dane, WI
  • “I first saw your ad on TV, and “Made in America” got my interest. Then I went looking at them and could see quality. I believe in American quality, and Scag upholds it.” - Scag Owner in Flushing, MI
  • “This is my second Turf Tiger - I have a 2001 & 2005 model. The Vanguard 35hp is fantastic. I know power equipment. I also know that if you want the very best, ‘get a Scag’, period.” - Scag Owner in Mount Vernon, OH
  • “Your machines are very dependable and the quality is unmatched. I have been in landscaping/lawn care for 27 years, and I still haven't found a better machine.” - Scag Owner in Council Bluffs, IA
  • “I recently got married, and when I mowed the yard with the new Scag I came into the house and told my wife that I hoped it never came down to her or the Scag. I love my wife very much.” - Scag Owner in Jacksonville, TX
  • “Thanks for making such a great product! It has made my lawn business a success!” - Scag Owner in Lexington, OH
  • “Scag is by far the best mower on the market. Scag has cut my mowing time in half. The quality of cut is second to none. Every upcoming year, I gain more business because of the quality of cut, and the great looks of my Scags.” - Scag Owner in Sauk City, WI
  • “It is a pleasure to see that some of us still design and build good stuff! My Scag mower is an example of strength, durability, functionality, and good judgment in both design and execution.” - Scag Owner in Hanson, KY
  • “I spell quality S-C-A-G!! One great mower!” - Scag Owner in Salisbury, NC
  • “I am 53 yrs old and have been cutting grass since I was 11. This is the first time I have enjoyed the cutting as much as the income.” - Scag Owner in Clarksville, TN
  • “Scag Turf Tiger has really saved me time and money on fuel. I can't believe that I can mow all day on a full tank of fuel. This mower really stands out from every mower I've ever owned!” - Scag Owner in Amenia, NY
  • “I've been using it for a couple of months and I'm still amazed at the speed and quality of cut. Thanks for a great product!” - Scag Owner in Harrison, AR
  • “Before I bought my Scag, I bought an [other mower brand]. After owning my Scag, there is no comparison. The Scag is a much better mower. From now on I will only buy Scag, and I will tell everyone that you guys have the best product made.” - Scag Owner in Manchester MD
  • “This mower is great! I would rather push a Scag than drive anything else! Thanks for a great mower!” - Scag Owner in Gurley, AL
  • “Scag is by far the best. 'Hands down.' Always get told what a great job my mower does, grass is always so even."- Scag Owner in Sauk City, WI
  • “My wife has taken over the Scag. How do I get her to take over the push mower trimming?” - Scag Owner in Salisbury, NC
  • “I am a person who likes top of the line products. In mowers I thought I was buying a good product. But compared to Scag, they were all substandard. I am a mechanic by trade and my hats off to the designers. Easy to work on but too tuff to need it.” - Scag Owner in Kent Store, VA
  • “After 15 yrs in business, it isn't easy to circle 'very good' (on Customer Satisfaction Survey) on many of the products we use. Scag is a different story. This is my second. Great product.” - Scag Owner in Lombard, IL
  • “Scag mower is maybe the best purchase I have ever made. With a very hectic life and running my own business, the Scag mower has given me the gift of time!” - Scag Owner in Shelbyville, KY
  • “Good durable mower. Grass in my yard has never looked better. The Scag mower is a pleasure to own and operate.” - Scag Owner in Lincoln, NE
  • “This is my 4th Scag hydro walk behind. No other walk behind comes close to quality & cut. I am a very happy customer and my company will only purchase Scag hydro walk behind mowers.” - Scag Owner in Stroudsburg, PA
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