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Scag - Lawn Mower Fuel Consumption rates

Scag Fuel Consumption - Fuel Injection pays for itself and more!

Fuel-injected, liquid-cooled engines do cost more initially, however that initial premium can be paid back rather quickly, especially when gas prices break the $3 per gallon mark. Not only can you reduce your operating costs and increase profitability, but you can burn less fuel, and that's good for the environment. Click here for a few tips to increase your mowers fuel economy.

The Scag Turf Tiger is offered with two fuel-injected, liquid-cooled engine options, a 29hp Kawasaki DFI (Digital Fuel Injection) and a 31hp Kohler EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection). Both engines, while high in horsepower output, consume less fuel than some lower horsepower, carbureted, air-cooled engines (see the calculator below).

Liquid-cooled engines typically last longer than air-cooled engines, providing additional value. Fuel injection gives additional benefits with choke-free operation and easy cold-weather starting. These are high-performance engines and deliver lots of horsepower to get the job done faster and easier.

Calculate your current fuel cost per year* by entering your hours and weeks per year of operation, how much fuel your current engine uses and the cost of fuel in your area.

This is a quick way to see the difference a fuel injected engine could make to your bottom line.*

Calculate Your Annual Fuel Costs Vs. Fuel Injected and Other Carbureted Engines*
Enter Information About Your Mowing Schedule Below Then Click "Calculate Fuel Cost".
Hours per week
spent mowing:
Number of weeks
per year spent mowing:
Gallons per hour that
your engine uses:
Cost per gallon
of gasoline:

Your Current Fuel Cost:
Fuel Cost with: 29hp Kawasaki DFI or 31hp Kohler EFI (Turf Tiger) Fuel Injection
Fuel Cost with: 27hp Kohler Command (Turf Tiger & Tiger Cat) Carbureted
Fuel Cost with: 34hp Kohler model: C940 (Cheetah) Carbureted
Fuel Cost with: 37hp Kawasaki model: FX1000 Carbureted
Fuel Cost with: 35hp Briggs Big Block (Turf Tiger) Carbureted

*The consumption rates used are based upon engine load and fuel consumption levels that Scag gathered during real world mowing, including a wide variety of terrain. Actual consumption rates shown may vary and depend greatly upon conditions, engine load, climate, altitude, maintenance, operator driving habits, fuel quality, etc.