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Fuel Economy - How to Make Your Lawn Mower More Fuel Efficient

With fuel prices on the rise, it's a good idea to make sure your Scag mower is running at its best and as fuel efficiently as possible. While some of the suggestions below may help mower fuel economy in very small increments, they all add up to a better running, more reliable and more fuel efficient lawn mower.
Here are some tips to make your lawn mower more fuel efficient:

  • Engine air filter - Make sure your engine air filter is serviced regularly and more often in dirty, dusty conditions. A clogged filter can greatly increase your fuel consumption by restricting the engine's ability to mix air and fuel properly.
  • Spark plugs - Check and replace your spark plugs per your engine manual's recommendation. Check the gap on the plugs and adjust as necessary. A good, hot spark helps fuel ignite quickly and completely.
  • Engine oil and oil filter - Staying on top of your scheduled oil changes will not only add to engine life, it will ensure that friction is reduced inside the engine which can help increase fuel economy.
  • Cutter Blades - Sharp cutter blades cut grass easier, reducing the power needed to chop through the green stuff. Add to that the benefit of a beautiful cut and there's no reason not to be running sharp cutter blades all the time. Also, make sure your blades are balanced after sharpening.
  • Lubrication - Be certain that critical items like your blade drive spindles are lubricated on a regular basis. Fresh, clean grease will reduce friction in the blade drive system and reduce the engine load, increasing fuel economy.
  • Clean - Keep the underside of your cutter deck clean and always clean debris off of the mower and engine area. Debris can restrict cutter deck discharge, and increase engine load and component temperatures, which can increase fuel consumption.
  • Fuel - Use high-quality, fresh fuel for the best possible performance and fuel economy. Fuel can go "stale" due to evaporation, oxidation, and contamination. Store gas in a cool place with consistent temperatures to minimize evaporation and oxidation. Keep fuel containers sealed tightly.
Scag - Fuel Economy - How to Make Your Mower More Fuel Efficient
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