By sending photograph(s) to Scag Power Equipment via electronic mail or by any other means, the photographer assigns to Scag Power Equipment the following rights with respect to the photograph(s):

1. The non-exclusive right to publish the photograph(s) on the web site.
2. The right to crop and otherwise alter and edit the photograph(s), as Scag Power Equipment deems appropriate.
3. The photographer represents and warrants that the photograph(s) are Photographer’s original, that the Photographer has the right to distribute the images, that display of the photograph(s) on will not infringe upon any other person’s copyright or other rights.
4. Photographer agrees to indemnify and hold Scag Power Equipment harmless in the event of any breach of these representations.
5. Scag Power Equipment is not obligated to publish the photography sent in.
6. Scag Power Equipment will not reimburse or otherwise compensate the photographer or the property owner for Photograph(s) sent to Scag Power Equipment.

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