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Scag Sabre Tooth Tiger - Turbo Diesel Engines

The Scag Sabre Tooth Turf Tiger utilizes a Briggs Vanguard Daihatsu 3/LC engine to provide you with the best quality engine with optimum performance and longer life. This engine features 54.6 foot pounds of peak torque and the best horsepower to weight ratio in its engine class. This extra performance and longevity means a stronger bottom line for your business. When other mowers are struggling to cut the tall, wet, heavy stuff, the Sabre Tooth cuts it down and begs for more. When other engines are ready to be overhauled or replaced, the Vanguard 3/LC diesel will still be going strong. More productivity. Less downtime. The base components have been designed for the longest engine life in the industry (twice the life of air-cooled engines and 1.5 times the life of liquid-cooled V-twin engines). The crankcase ventilation system is closed for reduced emissions. It features a cast iron engine block, forged steel connecting rods and a forged steel crankshaft. The pistons are constructed from a special aluminum alloy for increased performance and life. The cross flow port design ensures that the air-fuel mixture flows freely and efficiently into the combustion chambers.
  • In-line 3-cylinder design for maximum torque and longevity
  • Compact engine design delivers 31HP in a 9% smaller package than other engines
  • Full 360 degree cooling jacket
  • Digital ignition system utilizes an 8-bit microprocessor and one coil per cylinder.
  • Electronic timing advance
  • Full pressure oil lubrication system with spin-on oil filter
  • Turbo-charger on diesel engine is lubricated with oil and has a coolant water jacket for longer life and increased performance.
  • VE fuel injection system on the turbo diesel model results in a smoother running engine
  • Base components designed for extended use (2 times the life of air cooled engines and 1.5 times the life of a liquid cooled V-twin engine)
  • Industrial grade air filtration system ensures maximum protection of interior engine components
  • Commercial grade solenoid shift starter means quick, reliable starts
  • Compact size - maximum power in a small, easy to service package
  • Best horsepower to weight ratio in engine class
Engine Specifications Turbo Charged Diesel
Number of cylinders: 3 in-line
Bore x stroke [mm (in)]: 72 x 78 (2.83 x 3.07)
Displacement [cc (cu in)]: 952 (58.1)
Horsepower: 31
Torque Ft/lbs: 54.6
Lubricating system: Pressure feed with spin-on oil filter
Engine oil capacity [Ltr (qt)]: 3.0 (3.2)
Cooling system: Liquid cooled water pump, radiator & fan
Alternator: 12-14 Volt, 40 Amp
Starter: 12 Volt, 1.0kw

Closed crankcase ventilation system

Cast iron engine block

Forged steel connecting rods

Forged steel crankshaft

Special aluminum alloy pistons

Cross flow port design