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Scag Turf Tiger - Briggs Vanguard BIG BLOCK Engines

Big Block POWER!THINK BIG! Say hello to the BIG BLOCK 35hp Vanguard A/C V-Twin engine. This commercial-grade 35hp air-cooled engine will provide you with huge amounts of horsepower in a compact package. It boasts a whopping 53 foot pounds of peak torque.

This extra performance means a stronger bottom line for your business and a better return on your investment. When other mowers are struggling to cut the tall, wet, heavy stuff, the Turf Tiger cuts it down and asks for more. More productivity. Less downtime. The engine components have been designed for long life to provide you with an exceptional value in a large horsepower engine. Scag worked with Vanguard for several years to develop this powerful and reliable powerplant. Talk to your Scag dealer today to learn more about this powerhouse.

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  • V-Twin/OHV technology offers superior balance and low vibration, which saves wear and tear on components and equipment.
  • Robust 993 cc (60.6 cubic inch) displacement.
  • Increased horsepower-to-weight ratio contributes to engine efficiency
  • Innovative intake and exhaust system results in a quieter-running engine.
  • Advanced Debris Management System allows the engine to run cleaner and cooler, which enhances durability and performance.
  • Components integrated into this innovative ADMS system include:
    - Rotating steel screen that aggressively chops debris into smaller pieces which easily pass through the engine’s cooling system.
    - Labyrinth between the rotating steel screen and blower housing helps to prevent debris from entering the engine.
  • Cast iron sleeve assures longer engine life and improved oil control.
  • Industrial grade solenoid shift starter assures quick, reliable starts.
  • Replaceable steel/aluminum bearing construction
  • Five-inch centrifugal multi-stage industrial air cleaner provides maximum engine protection, especially under dirty and dusty conditions.
  • Full-pressure oil lubrication system with spin-on filter works to keep oil cleaner, which reduces maintenance and extends engine life.
  • Low oil consumption for longer running times between scheduled maintenance.
Engine Specifications Gasoline
Number of cylinders: 2 ("V"-Twin)
Bore x stroke [mm (in)]: 85.5 x 86.5 (3.366 x 3.4)
Displacement [cc (cu in)]: 993 (60.6)
Horsepower: 35
Torque Ft/lbs: 53
Lubricating system: Pressure feed with spin-on oil filter
Engine oil capacity [Ltr]: 2.3
Cooling system: Air-cooled; ADMS system
Alternator: 12-14 Volt, 20 Amp
Starter: 12 Volt, solenoid shift

Big Block POWER!

Features Benefits
V-Twin OHV Technology Superior balance, low vibration, lower emissions, improved valve life, better fuel economy and higher HP/Weight
Advanced Debris Management System (ADMS) Featuring Easy Clean Access Allows the engine to run cooler and cleaner which enhances durability and performance
Dura-Bore Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeve Assures long engine life and oil control
Engine Warranty Two year commercial engine warranty for all applications
Full Pressure Lubrication w/ Spin-On Oil Filter Cleans oil and protects engine components to ensure maximum lubrication and long life
Pressure Regulated Full Flow Oil Filtration Keeps oil clean longer and extends time between oil changes and extends bearing life
Oil Drain Convenient drain locations for trouble-free maintenance
Centrally Located Oil Pump and Pickup Faster priming and allows for a higher angle of operation
Oil Dipstick Provides easy access to check oil levels
Oil Cooler Reduces oil temperature, improves lubrication and extends oil change intervals
Magnetron Electronic Ignition Quick dependable starts with no maintenance required
Five-Inch Centrifugal Multi-Stage Air Cleaner Provides maximum engine protection, especially under dirty and dusty conditions
Industrial Grade Solenoid Shift Starter Quick reliable starts
Mechanical Governor Improved speed control and more available power
Mechanical Compression Release Smooth easy starting, longer starter life and provides an instant return to maximum power
Simulated Dynamic Crankshaft Balance Techniques Improves engine vibration
Modern Light Weight Pistons w/ Optimized Compliant Ring Package Lowers noise, oil consumption, emissions and reduces wear
High Efficiency Head Design Angled ports optimizes tumble and mixture preparation for improved efficiency, smoother idle, lower emissions and more power
Engineered Resin Blower Housing Lowers noise level and improves sound quality
Phase Modulated Flywheel Fan Lowers noise level and improves sound quality
Acoustically Contoured Crankcase Lowers noise level and improves sound quality
Innovative Intake and Exhaust System Lowers noise level and improves sound quality