Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Scag hydraulic oil cooler Cooler Oil = Longer Component Life = More Value = Less Cost of Ownership

Select Scag models feature hydraulic oil coolers as standard equipment. Oil coolers are utilized on certain models to keep operating temperatures down and add to the hydraulic system life.

All Scag hydraulic drive mowers feature dual "closed-loop" hydraulic systems. The right side and left side are separate hydraulic systems sharing only the oil reservoir and the oil filter. Any oil carrying debris encountered in one "closed-loop" system must pass through the 10 micron oil filter before reaching the other "closed-loop" system. This ensures that any debris in either "closed-loop" system would be captured by the filter, reducing potential damage to the other "closed-loop" system. Sharing the oil reservoir and filter makes servicing easy as you only need to change one filter and maintain one oil reservoir.

  • Increased hydraulic system life
  • Lower hydraulic system operating temperatures
  • Reduced viscosity breakdown due to heat
  • Dual cooler system keeps oil from the left and right side separate
  • Oil cooler position allows for maximum airflow and cooling - engine draws air through the cooler for increased performance
  • Scag uses oil coolers whenever necessary to keep oil temps at an acceptable level

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