Propane Powered Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

Scag offers several mowers powered via propane. Propane offers unique benefits such as clean emissions and depending on the price of fuel, a savings in operations cost. This cost savings can add up, especially for larger mowing operations. Propane virtually eliminates fuel spillage, fuel theft and fuel leakage. Propane will not go "stale" like traditional gasoline and it eliminates the ethanol challenge.

Dual-Fuel Turf Tiger - gasoline or propane

Dual-Fuel Turf Tiger

The Dual-Fuel Turf Tiger zero-turn rider runs on gasoline or propane. Just flip the switch by the instrument panel and you instantly switch fuel sources.

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Propane Powered Turf Tiger

The propane powered Turf Tiger zero-turn rider runs on propane. Available with a 52" or a 61" Velocity Plus cutter deck.

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