What's New

Turf Storm and Turf Storm XL

Turf Storm XL & Turf Storm

The Turf Storm is rebranded as the Turf Storm XL, and a new Turf Storm offering is built for small residential lawns and gated areas.

V-Ride XL

V-Ride XL

The V-Ride XL, a bigger and bolder version of the original, is now available in 52", 61" and 72" cutting widths.

V-Ride II

SVRII-32A-16FX: The Scag® V-Ride™ II is now available with a 32" Advantage Cutter Deck. The perfect machine for getting into the tight spaces.

SVRII-61V-37BV-EFI: Prepare yourself for a higher, job-kicking 37 HP on the Scag V-Ride II.