Official Mower of:

Road America

Scag is proud to be the Official Lawn Mower of Road America. With a facility that's over 600 acres large, Road America requires serious, high-performance lawn mowing equipment. Scag mowers are the perfect solution. Road America mows their grounds with a fleet of Turf Tigers and Cheetahs.

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The Official Lawn Mower of the ARCA Midwest Tour

ARCA Midwest Tour

Scag is proud to be the Official Lawn Mower of the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA) Midwest Tour. Scag mowers can give you more time to pursue your passion for racing by cutting your mowing time in half when compared to ordinary yard tractors. Less time spent mowing means more time to spend at the track or behind the wheel!

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Which Scag mower is right for your lawn?

Scag offers a full line of zero-turn riding mowers to meet your individual needs. Whether your property is small and heavily landscaped, or large and wide-open, we have the perfect mower for you.

  • Liberty Z - Compact riding mower (36", 48" & 52" decks; 7MPH)
  • Freedom Z - Compact riding mower (48" & 52" decks; 8MPH)
  • Patriot - Compact riding mower (52" & 61" decks; 10MPH)
  • Tiger Cat II - Compact riding mower (48", 52" & 61" decks; 12MPH)
  • Cheetah - Full-size zero-turn riding mower (48", 52", 61" & 72" decks; up to 16MPH!)
  • Turf Tiger II - Full-size zero-turn riding mower (52", 61" & 72" decks; up to 12MPH)

Why buy a Scag Mower?

If you are in the market for a commercial or residential mower, you have probably discovered that there are countless choices available. So...what makes Scag "Simply the Best"? Click here to find out!

New Financing Options

Do you want to make money with your Scag mower before you have to pay for it? You can mow for months without a single payment. Click here to find out how.

Scag Customer Testimonials

We love our customers, and they love their Scag mowers! Click here to find out what they say about their Scag Mowers.

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