SCAG Patents

Since 1983, Scag Power Equipment has been the leader in commercial lawn-equipment innovation. The following is a list of patents currently held by Scag®.
Patent NumberDescriptionSW Belt DriveSWZ Hydro-DriveSWZT Hydro-DrivePro-V Hydro-Drive
Three-Wheel Riding Mower
V-Ride™ II
Freedom Z®
Tiger Cat®
Tiger Cat® II
Cheetah II™
Turf Tiger™
Turf Tiger™ II
7065946 Hurricane Mulch SystemX
6892519Adjustable Deck BaffleX*XXXXXXXXXXX
6996962Adjustable Deck BaffleX*XXXXXXXXXXX
7197863 Side to Side Deck LevelerXXXX
7587886Lawn Mower with Cutter Deck Locator AccessoryXXX
8186475Suspended Operators PlatformXX
* Note: excluding 32" models