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AdvantageThe Advantage Cutter Deck allows you to give your customers the quality of cut they expect, regardless of grass type or cutting height. At the same time, the Advantage deck increases the number of acres you can cut in a day. Everyone wants happier customers and an increase on their bottom line. Both can be achieved with the Scag Advantage. The Advantage Cutter Deck is available on select Scag Walk Behind mowers, Stand-On mowers and Zero Turn riding mowers .

Scag Advantage DecksStrength? Scag's tough cutter blade spindles and Tri-Plate construction ensure solid performance and long life. Trim-side wear pad protects deck from damage.

Productivity? With this deck you have the perfect Advantage because it reduces the need for double cutting, even in the worst conditions.

Flexibility? The Advantage cuts everything from fine grasses to weeds. The Custom-Cut™ Baffle System allows you to customize the deck to your individual conditions for even more productivity.

Custom Cut Baffle
Custom Cut Baffle™

Trim Side Wear Pad
Trim-Side Wear Pad

Cut-away picture of Tri-Plate Deck Design
Tri-Plate Deck Design
Here's how it works: The cutter deck is 5" deep for enhanced vacuum and mulching ability. The front, Custom-Cut™ Baffle, is adjustable to provide an extra level of cutting performance not available anywhere else. This baffle allows grass to stand up before the blade cuts it. It prevents grass from getting bent over and avoiding the cutter blades. Even tall, wiry grasses are cut clean, reducing "stringers" and double cutting. Additional baffling under the deck aids in the even, wide spread of clippings from the discharge chute. The discharge chute is made from a tough, polypropylene that will not dent like metal. Check with your Scag dealer today to find the Advantage deck that meets your needs.
  • Up to nine (9) anti-scalp rollers in seven (7) different, strategic locations around the cutter deck provide maximum turf protection.
  • Front baffle chamber stands the grass up before being cut by the blades. This enables the Advantage deck to cut taller grasses faster and better than any other cutter deck on the market.
  • The Advantage deck baffle design promotes the fast and efficient discharge of clippings.
  • The Turbo Baffle* increases discharge velocity throwing grass clippings and debris farther away from the cutter deck. This promotes a more even distribution of clippings, reducing "clumping" and "wind rowing".
  • All Scag Mowers utilize the strongest cutter blade spindles in the industry featuring cast iron housings and dual tapered roller bearings. Nobody builds a more durable, long-lasting, reliable cutter deck spindle.
  • Rear airflow baffle ties into each spindle mounting area adding additional strength to the entire cutter deck.
  • Super rigid, Tri-Plate* deck construction results in a nearly 1/2" thick steel cutter deck top, which is the strongest in the industry. The cutter deck shell is 10-gauge with a top support layer of 10-gauge, lower baffle reinforcement layer of 11-gauge, and 7-gauge side skirts. Why would you settle for a single layer of steel?
  • We are so confident of the strength of this cutter deck, we stand behind it with a 3-year "no crack" warranty. Turf Tiger mowers feature a 3/4" square, solid steel bar welded to the front edge of the cutter deck. This helps prevent damage from impacts, etc. (61" and 72" decks utilize a 10 gauge deck top, 7 gauge deck skirts, a 7 gauge top support plate and 11 gauge plate welded inside the deck.)
  • Custom-Cut™ Baffle System allows you to customize the cutter deck baffling to your conditions.
  • A variety of cutter blade styles are available to match your specific cutting conditions and needs.
  • More productivity. Cut more grass in less time!
  • Less double cutting, even in the toughest grass conditions!
  • One deck can cut everything from fine grasses to weeds!

    * Turbo Baffle and Tri-Plate not included on all models.