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KOHLER® Closed Loop EFI System

The KOHLER® EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) engine features closed loop technology. The Kohler EFI system has been engineered for consistent easy starts, lower fuel consumption, improved load pickup and optimal performance. The onboard fuel module, 4-wire oxygen sensor and unique location of the fuel injectors complete the Kohler's closed loop system.

Benefits of a Closed Loop EFI System

  • Best in class fuel economy - Calibration is always being optimized for weather, engine condition, fuel supply and fuel type.
  • Best in class durability and repeatability- Always delivering the correct amount of fuel.

4-Wire Oxygen Sensor

The Oxygen sensor is a critical sensor in the operation of the Kohler closed loop EFI system. The O² sensor provides information to the ECU on the amount a oxygen content in the exhaust and ECU adjust the fuel mixture to achieve the right amount of fuel when it is needed.
  • 4 wire O2 sensor gives most robust sensing of any feedback system
  • provides its own ground path through wire rather muffler
  • has a heater for faster response and fuel adjustment accuracy
  • optimizes fuel delivery over the life of the engine
  • compensates for air cleaner changes and engine changes
  • better fuel economy ($)
  • Improved load response