Clam-Shell Grass Catcher

Dump-From-Your-Seat Grass Catcher

The Scag® Clam-Shell Grass Catcher (GC-CS) is the perfect answer for operators that do not want to leave the mower’s seat to dump their debris. This simple-to-use catcher system allows you to dump the hopper by pulling a lever.

After the initial installation, the entire catcher assembly can be removed and reinstalled in minutes without any tools! Just pull three quick-pins, release the belt and lift it off. A 12-bushel-capacity hopper collects debris from a blower that pulverizes the debris, reducing particle size and increasing the density inside the hopper. What does this mean to you? Shredding the debris allows you to pack from 50% to over 100% more into the same amount of space when compared to other grass catchers on the market. Simply put, you will be able to collect more debris before you have to stop and empty the hopper. That saves time and greatly increases productivity. Talk to your Scag Dealer today to learn more about availability on this incredible collection system.

NOTE: The Clam-Shell Grass Catcher fits most 2002 and newer models (with Velocity Plus™ Cutter Decks) and is not available for 72″ models. Grass catchers are not compatible with propane and dual-fuel models.