Tiger Striping and Lawn Pattern Systems

Take Your Lawn to the Next Level

The patented Scag® Tiger Striper Lawn Striping System is the ultimate way to enhance the striping ability of your Scag. This lawn striper has unique features that allow you to turn the striping on and off, and remove the entire roller system without tools by pulling two “quick pins.” It is spring-loaded so it applies downward pressure onto the grass. This further enhances the stripe and allows the roller to contour to uneven terrain better than standard fixed rollers, even at high mowing and transport speeds.

Learn How Lawn Striping Works and How Lawn Patterns Are Made!

The entire lawn-striping system mounts behind the rear drive tires. The advantage to mounting the roller at the rear is that it is the last thing to contact the grass. The tires and cutter deck pass over the grass and as a final step, the roller intensifies and evens out the stripe.

*Tiger Striper shown is for Turf Tiger™ II, Cheetah II™ and Tiger Cat® II. Widths of the roller assembly and number of rollers will vary with mower model.