Scag Command Comfort Operators Station

The Turf Tiger Command Comfort Operator's Station is built around YOU.

The Command-Comfort Operator's Station* delivers unprecedented levels of adjustability and ergonomics. Available only on the Scag Turf Tiger, this individualized system fights fatigue and provides maximum comfort and convenience during those long hours on the job.

No matter if you're small, medium, or large, your Turf Tiger will feel like it was custom-built for you! Three fully adjustable components combine to offer the highest level of customized comfort available. Learn more about each component below.

Scag Command Comfort Operators Station

SUSPENSION SEATThe torsion spring suspension seat is standard equipment on the Turf Tiger. It provides incredible operator comfort and in turn, reduces fatigue. A mid-back seat adds support to the upper back. The back cushion angle is also adjustable and has increased lower back and lumbar support. The fully adjustable seat has been designed to handle operators of various weights without sacrificing comfort. A simple dial indicator allows you to customize the comfort level. Adjustable armrests are standard equipment on the suspension seat. The entire seat also moves forward and backwards to accommodate different sizes of operators.

Scag Command Comfort Operators Station

QUICK-FIT CONTROL LEVERSFully adjustable Quick-Fit control levers allow each operator to customize the handle position for maximum comfort and control. Move the levers forward, backwards, up or down. Increased operator comfort equals reduced fatigue and increased productivity! Durable, commercial-grade foam padding ensures maximum grip and control.

Scag Command Comfort Operators Station

ADJUSTABLE DECK LIFT FOOT PEDALCutter deck height is adjusted by using the operator's leg strength rather than their upper back and arm strength. A simple foot pedal raises the cutter deck into a self-locking transport position. Once locked in, the operator moves the height adjustment pin and releases the cutter deck from the locking position. The new cutting height is now in effect. All of this is easily done without leaving the operator's position. Three-position adjustable pedal peg allows for individualized ergonomic positioning for operators of all heights (allen wrench required).

*Some promotional or special models may not feature some or all of the items listed above.

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