Briggs Vanguard EFI Engines

Commercial-Grade Power

The Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard® BIG BLOCK EFI engine found on select Scag® mower models is a proven performer with power and reliability. Features include:

  • V-Twin OHV technology.
  • Advanced debris management.
  • Dual ball bearings.
  • Dura-Bore cast-iron cylinder sleeve.
  • Oxygen sensor—closed-loop system.
  • High-pressure fuel-pump module.
  • Electric-control module (ECU).
  • Full-pressure lubrication with spin-on oil filter.
  • Centrally located oil pump and pickup.
  • Oil cooler.
  • Heavy-duty cylinder and sump.
  • High-efficiency head design.
  • Lightweight piston and ring package.
  • Dynamically balanced crankshaft.
  • Five-inch, centrifugal, multi-stage air cleaner.
  • Industrial-grade solenoid shift starter.
  • Magnetron® electronic ignition.
  • Engineered-resin blower housing, phase-modulated flywheel fan, and large-volume Super Lo-Tone muffler.

* Note: Engine specifications based upon manufacturer-supplied information. All specifications subject to change at any time without notice or obligation. Engine specifications may vary by model.

Briggs Vanguard EFI Engine