Kawasaki FX EFI Series Engines

Commercial-Grade Power

The most powerful Kawasaki FX1000 EFI engine yet for higher productivity and business-building potential.
Kawasaki EFI fuel management continually adjusts power to load, keeping blade tip speed constant and ground speed steady. With optimum cutting speed through tough conditions, you’ll get more done in less time – and do it with maximum fuel economy.

Other features include:

  • 90° V-twin
  • Integrated electronic throttle control
  • Pressurized lubrication system
  • Electronic ignition with variable spark timing
  • Sequential multi-port fuel injection
  • Compact electronic control unit
  • Proven open-loop design
  • Electronic altitude compensation
  • High-pressure fuel injection technology with electronic fuel pump
  • Cast-iron cylinder liners
  • Industry-exclusive magnetic clean-out port covers, makes for easy maintenance
  • Uniquely styled rain cap
  • Hexagon-shaped screen cover
  • Highest SAE certified horsepower in the industry

* Note: Engine specifications based upon manufacturer-supplied information. All specifications subject to change at any time without notice or obligation. Engine specifications may vary by model.

Kawasaki FX EFI