Cheetah Drive Systems

Heavy-Duty Drive System Delivers Speed, Reliability and Power.

Dual Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 transaxles propel the Cheetah™ to speeds up to 16 mph. Designed exclusively for the tough commercial market, the ZT-5400 powertrain delivers unmatched power and durability.

  • Two-Speed Transaxles — Highly productive and built to last. Speed is controlled by fluid volume (swash-plate angle), not gearing, so shifting on the fly is easy to do and harmless to the system. Scroll down for more information. Top speeds up to 16 mph.
  • 16 cc Internal Pumps — Large fluid-displacement pumps keep the Cheetah moving fast!
  • 21 cc Internal Motors — Big power and torque for the drive wheels.
  • 1.375″ Taper Axles — Heavy-duty axles for long, reliable life.
  • Planetary Gear Reduction — Delivers maximum torque and durability.
  • 9″ Cooling Fans — Keeps the oil temperatures at a safe level for long system life.
  • Heavy-Duty Shafts, Bearings and Gears — For long, reliable life.
  • Internal Wet Brakes — Internal, maintenance-free parking brake.
  • 1″ Input Shafts — Large enough to handle high-horsepower input from today’s big engines.
  • Charge Pumps — Keep the main pumps charged with an ample oil supply for cooler and quieter operation.
  • Oil Filters — Replaceable-cartridge filtration system keeps the oil clean for long system life.