Strong, Adjustable Clutch for Long Life

Ogura PTO Clutch Brake

Other manufacturers opt for less expensive, smaller-capacity, nonadjustable, “disposable” clutches. Not Scag®. Scag PTO clutch brakes are manufactured by Ogura, the world’s best manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches, providing smooth blade engagements and fast blade stops.

All Ogura clutches feature an adjustable air gap. What does that mean to you? It means that when most clutches are worn out and must be replaced at a significant cost to YOU, the Ogura clutch can be easily adjusted to bring it back into specification (your Scag dealer can perform this adjustment).

These clutches also feature industry-leading torque values (the holding power that links the engine to the cutter-deck drive system) to ensure solid drive to the cutter deck and no slipping in heavy conditions.