Self-Adjusting Belt Systems

No Belt Adjustments Required.

All of the belt-drive systems on the mowers are self-adjusting. They constantly provide the correct amount of belt tension, eliminating this maintenance step entirely.

The spring-loaded idler arms use sealed bearings that do not require greasing. These systems are engineered for long, reliable life while saving you maintenance time. When possible, bearings are double-stacked for extra life.

If a belt change is required, a 1/2″ breaker bar can be used on the idler arm to release tension for belt removal and reinstallation. It’s as simple as that! All the belts used on all Scag® mowers are constructed with Kevlar® cords for extra strength, minimal stretch and increased life. Cheaper belts use polyester cording that is not as strong and continually stretches throughout the life of the belt.