Steering Dampers

Smooth controls. Eliminate negative feedback.

Scag® utilizes high-quality steering dampers on all zero-turn rider steering systems. These dampers are an important element to overall operator control, and have the added benefits of adding life to the hydraulic system and reducing turf damage.

Know that all steering dampers are not created equal. In lieu of using high-quality steering dampers, most of our “competitors” use springs, low-quality dampers or nothing at all. That reduces their cost to build their mower but gives you zero additional value in your purchase.

  • The dampers reduce operator fatigue by eliminating negative hydraulic-system feedback through the levers.
  • They eliminate the “jerky” feel while performing tight, precise maneuvers around obstacles.
  • The dampers reduce turf tearing by limiting sudden directional changes.
  • The dampers reduce high-pressure spikes to the hydraulic system by inhibiting dramatic direction changes.