Fabric 2-Bag Grass Collection System

Fabric 2-Bag Grass Collection System

Why spend hours mowing, raking, and moving debris, when you can do it all in one easy step?

The Scag Fabric 2-Bag Collection System allows you to quickly and conveniently collect grass clippings and leaves, delivering a picture-perfect, groomed lawn on all Scag Liberty Z, Freedom Z, Freedom Z Pro and Patriot mowers.

With a 7-bushel capacity and an 8" discharge tube, this is a serious debris catching system. Contact your Scag Dealer today to get your hands on this time and labor saving tool.

*Liberty Z pictured


  • Heavy-duty construction is utilized throughout the collection system.
  • Extra large 7 bushel capacity for maximum collection ability and fewer stops to empty the bags.
  • Dual, rear facing exhaust ports keep dust and debris away from the operator.
  • Three high-lift cutter blades and one cross blade on the discharge side provide increased airflow and help propel debris into the catcher.
  • Two high-performance cutter deck baffles direct the airflow for optimal collection performance. 
  • Large diameter 8" debris tube ensures unrestricted passage of clippings and debris.
  • Specially contoured discharge boot provides high speed debris flow. 
  • Commercial-grade fabric debris bags resist rips and tears. Tapered bag design provides easy dumping.
  • Hard, molded plastic bottoms keep the collection bags safe from curb damage, damage from trailers, etc.
  • All-steel grab handles on the bottom of each collection bag makes emptying easy and fast.
  • Spring-assisted hood mechanism holds the hood open and out of the way while removing the debris bags. 
  • A metal debris screen resides inside the hood of the catcher. The all metal screen design is resistant to damage from debris as it enters the hopper. The flat design of the screen allows for easy cleaning.
  • Collection hood is easily opened and closed using just one hand.
  • Front counter-weight system is standard equipment. Three 30-lb. front weights and weighted bracket (12 lbs.) counterbalance the weight of the rear mounted hopper for stability. When you are not bagging, the weights can easily be removed, without the use of tools.
  • "EZ-mount" hopper assembly design allows you to attach and remove the catcher assembly in minutes.
  • All mounting holes for the catcher system are pre-drilled in the mower for easy installation.
  • Thick rubber seal between the hood hinge and the catcher frame helps keep debris off of the engine. 
  • Quick hose detach allows the hose to be disconnected from the discharge boot in the event of clogging. 
  • One-year warranty for homeowner use; 90-day commercial warranty.*

Heavy-duty, poly hopper hood for increased durability

Heavy-duty, poly hopper hood for increased durability

The Fabric 2-Bag Collection System hood features a dual exhaust port system that directs debris and airflow away from the operator. It also helps prolong engine air filter life.

The wide (10.5" x 2-7/8" each), dual exhaust outlet ports also maintain proper airflow as the collection bags fill with clippings. This means consistent vacuum performance when the bags are empty and when they are full.

Two large-capacity, commercial grade fabric bags

Two large-capacity, commercial grade fabric bagsThe Fabric 2-Bag Collection System bags are constructed of a commercial-grade fabric for long life. The bags are tapered so when turned upside down, debris exits easily.

The bottoms of the bags feature a hard plastic bottom to resist damage from foreign objects. The upper support frame of the bag is made from steel.

A steel grab handle on the bottom makes emptying the bags easy.

Dual, rear facing exhaust ports and metal debris screen

Dual, rear facing exhaust ports and metal debris screenThe Fabric 2-Bag Collection System hood features an all-metal debris screen. The metal construction is durable and resists damage from flying debris.

The extra-large screen (25.5" x 15") filters out larger debris particles, keeping them in the bags while letting air escape. This airflow is essential to proper debris flow from the cutter deck into the bags. The screen is flat and is easily scraped clean.

Contoured discharge boot allows smooth flow of clippings

Contoured discharge boot allows smooth flow of clippingsThe Fabric 2-Bag Collection System boot is specially designed and contoured to provide excellent debris flow from the cutter deck into the 8" debris handling tube.

This design also helps to retain the speed of the clippings which enhances the bagging ability of the catcher system.

Spring-assisted hood lift mechanism

Spring-assisted hood lift mechanismWhen it is time to remove the bags and dump the grass, the grass catcher hood is conveniently held open by two heavy-duty springs. They keep the hood securely open for easy removal and reinstallation of the debris bags.

A simple, center mounted, single latch secures the hood closed while operating.

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