Scag Fleet Program

Fill your trailers with Cat's Eye Gold... Save as much as 20% on your Scag fleet!*

The Scag Fleet Purchaser Program allows you to begin or expand your fleet of Scag® Cat’s Eye Gold mowers and debris-management equipment while saving* big! With the purchase of as few as two machines, you may qualify for the Fleet Purchaser Program.

  • Purchase must be made by a single user (combined purchases by multiple users on one order are not permitted).
  • Purchaser must take delivery of all qualifying product at one time (e.g., 12 walk-behinds must be taken all at once, not spread out over a number of months).
  • Additional purchases made after the 12-point minimum buy also qualify for the fleet rebate for 12 months after the date of the initial qualifying purchase.
  • Fleet pricing can be extended up to 12 more months with an additional qualifying purchase made within the original qualifying period. Maximum of one extension per 12-point purchase.
  • Accessories qualify for fleet pricing at the time of the original mower purchase.

Consult with your local Scag dealer for complete details.

* Savings based on MSRP; percentage of savings may vary.

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