Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing Contract

Sourcewell has awarded Scag contract # 031121 – SCG for the supply of Grounds Maintenance Equipment, Attachments, and Accessories with Related Services.

The Sourcewell Scag contract is active from April 30, 2021 to April 30, 2025.

Sourcewell Cooperative purchasing connects buyers and sellers for efficiency and savings. Sourcewell is a service cooperative created to provide competitively solicited cooperative contracts ready for use by government, education, and nonprofit entities. Sourcewell is a self-sustaining government organization. They partner with government, education, and nonprofit entities to empower community success. Its statutory purpose is to assist public agencies by connecting awarded contracted suppliers like Scag Power Equipment and our lineup of lawn maintenance and debris/turf management equipment with specific entity needs which is more efficiently delivered cooperatively than by an entity individually.

Simply put… Sourcewell can help government entities, public and private k-12 schools, colleges, universities and nonprofit organizations save time and money on their lawn care purchase needs. If you are one of the above entities that has to usually procure equipment through a lengthy bid process, consider Sourcewell.