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Scag Turf Tiger - 16cc Hydraulic Pumps

The Scag Turf Tiger features dual Hydro-Gear 16cc hydraulic pumps. 16cc pumps feature a 60% larger displacement than the 10cc pumps used by some other "commercial" mowers on the market today. That means with every revolution of the pump, the 16cc pump moves 60% more fluid when compared to a 10cc pump. This extra hydraulic displacement means more productivity and more power to the drive wheels.
Turf Tiger Hydraulic Pump
Turf Tiger Hydraulic Pump

Here are a few features of the Hydro-Gear 16cc hydraulic pump and the Turf Tiger hydraulic system:
  • Extra large input shaft and input bearings
  • Square o-rings
  • Pressure relief valves built in
  • Large rebuildable rotating group
  • Built-in cooling fan on 12mph models
  • 16cc of fluid displacement per revolution
  • 1250 PSI (86 bar) operating pressure (continuous)
  • Provides solid power even under heavy loads
  • Auxiliary oil coolers are standard equipment on every Scag Turf Tiger
  • Oil coolers and a large oil reservoir keeps oil cool and adds to system life
Hydraulic Pump Sizing. Bigger is not always better.
It is important to note that pump displacement should be carefully matched to the application. A pump that is too large will use too much horsepower. That means less power at the cutter deck and potentially a less responsive drive system due to reduced engine RPM. A pump that is too small will have to work extra hard to get the job done. This generates excess heat and decreased component system life. This is why we use 16cc pumps on our larger Turf Tiger mowers and 10cc pumps on our mid-sized Wildcats and Tiger Cubs.

Scag BDP16A Hydraulic pump with cooling fan