Cast-Iron Blade Spindles

Toughest, Best-Built Spindle. Period.

Cutter-blade drive spindles are a crucial component to mower performance. The average blade spindle rotates over 1.8 MILLION times in eight hours of cutting. That’s 9 million times per week! Can you afford to have anything but the BEST blade drive spindles turning your cutter blades? Absolutely not!

Scag® cast-iron spindle housings* are cast in Wisconsin and precision-machined at Scag with state-of-the-art machining centers to ensure a perfect fit for the tapered roller bearings. Every Scag cast-iron spindle is assembled by a high-precision, robotic assembly cell.

This is the best-performing, most reliable spindle in the commercial industry…hands down. We have been using this same rock-solid design for many years and proudly stand behind them with a 3-year limited warranty.

*Liberty® Z, Freedom Z®, Patriot™ and SWZT feature sealed-aluminum spindle.