Ogura Soft Start PTO Clutch Brakes

Ogura Softstart Clutch

Other manufacturers opt for less expensive, smaller-capacity, non-adjustable, “disposable” clutches. Not Scag®.

Scag uses Ogura clutches on all products and they feature an adjustable air gap. What does that mean to you? It means that when most clutches are worn out and must be replaced at a significant cost to YOU, the Ogura clutch can be easily adjusted to bring it back into specification (your Scag dealer can perform this adjustment).

On the Windstorm, an additional Softstart Electric Clutch Controller is utilized with the standard Ogura clutch. The Softstart Controller senses the exact point at which the friction surfaces contact, then rapidly reduces the current to allow the clutch to safely slip, but not release. In simple terms, with the Softstart Controller, when the PTO switch is pulled, the clutch will engage, disengage and engage again at a rapid pace until the clutch reaches full power. The feathering of the clutch will provide many great benefits that help with the longevity of the machine.

Benefits of Softstart:

  • Eliminates engagement jolt felt by machine and operator.
  • Lessens force on mechanical parts.
  • Reduces potential wear and breakage for belts.
  • Eliminates engine stall and RPM droop.