Scag V-Ride Suspension Platform

Don't settle for rubber cushions....get real with heavy-duty coil suspension springs.
SVR V-Ride operator suspension platform
SVR V-Ride operator suspension platform

The Scag V-Ride features a spacious, all steel operator platform with an extruded tread pattern. Unlike flat steel or a rubber pad, the extruded tread pattern allows dirt and debris to fall through the plate while providing solid footing, even when wet. 

The platform also features a metal coil suspension system to deliver a smooth ride and reduce operator fatigue. Durable, long-lasting metal springs and suspension pivots will not wear, split or go "soft" like rubber pads or bumpers. The springs are 3.5" long and provide 1.25" of suspension travel. 

The platform has an open design, without any obstacles to get in the way, allowing the operator to put their feet in the exact position they desire. 

The platform can be flipped forward to allow for more trailer space and also allows the mower to be driven (with or without the blades on) while walking behind the mower.

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